The TMS DESTLINES takes into account, for a better efficiency:

  • Your offices (processing points, partners, warehouses, carriers)
  • The staff of your company assigned to the different business processes/profiles (parcel registration, preparation and shipment, cargo reception, storage and delivery, invoicing and payments, administration)
  • Types of transportation supported (ocean, air, rail and road)
  • Routes served for each transport and shipment type (standard or express) and carriers
  • automatic or manual tariff options Business processes are defined as profiles assigned to each staff member, and a single staff member can be assigned at least one business process but can only work on one at a timewhen registering, you assign staff as many profiles as their responsibilities in the company require
    the processing points where they have to perform the activities related to the different profiles they are assigned

In practice, our freight forwarding company has two offices, namely

  •  one in Guanzhou
  • the other in Yamoussokro

It also has, for example, three staffs, namely

  • one in Guanzhou in charge of registration, preparation and dispatch of parcels
  • the other two in Yamoussoukro in charge of cargo reception, storage, delivery to the customer and billing

As an administrator, you will then have to configure each person’s account according to their profile and the offices where they will have to exercise their profile. It may happen that the workload of the staff located in Guanzhou, China, for example, does not allow them to fulfill the tasks related to the two business processes (profiles) they have (parcel registration and parcel preparation/shipping) alone

In this case, you can assign a staff located in Yamoussoukro an additional profile such as “Parcel Registration”, with responsibility within the Guanzhou office.

In other words, they will have to work on this profile from Yaoussoukro, as if they were in Guanzhou. For everything to go smoothly, the Guanzhou staff will have to send, ideally, in real time to his colleague in Yamoussoukro, the most complete information possible (customers concerned, details of their parcels) concerning the parcels that are dropped off at his office. The information being recorded in real time in the application, you can :


  • monitor your company’s activity wherever you are, on your smartphone or tablet,
  • identify and resolve disputes and processing delays more easily
  • inform customers in real time about the status of their shipments if needed,
  • allow your customers to observe on the application the situation and the position of their parcels using the tracking number that was sent to them by email, (this is in addition to the SMS notifications they receive in real time)
  • allow them to make their payments directly online (Mobile Money, Credit Card) at any time
  • etc